Are You A Sponge For Misinformation And Disinformation?

ELDER PATRIOT - There is one statistic and two polls that prove Americans have allowed themselves to become victims of perception manipulation by the mainstream media.

First, the statistic: U.S. debt will have doubled under the Obama Administration having gone from approximately $10 trillion to over $20 trillion by the time our next president is sworn in. This makes it very hard to argue that President Obama wasn’t given the money to implement his agenda during his tenure.

Now, let’s look at the polls. An Ipsos/Reuters poll released earlier this week show’s the president’s job approval at 48% positive that is 4% more than those who disapprove of his performance.

The logical conclusion is that the president was given the money to fund the programs that the people wanted and that the electorate is at least marginally satisfied.

But the same poll also shows that Americans are grossly dissatisfied with the direction that the country is headed in. Only 25% of the people polled believe the country is on the right track. That’s half of the president’s approval rating!

Somehow we have come to the conclusion that the people view Obama as mostly good for the country (+4%) but that after 7+ years under his stewardship the same people believe the country is headed into the crapper (-36%.) Lest you believe this number to be an aberration you should be aware that among the last 8 polls asking the same question over the last month, that is the most optimistic data result. Those responding that we are on the wrong track were almost three times more prevalent than those who were satisfied according to one poll.

So whom do the American people blame? For that we turn to a second set of polls that show us Americans almost unanimously blame Congress with disapproval ratings approaching 90% at times.

Despite such high disapproval ratings incumbents re-election rate to Congress is 96%! How can this be?

How can a Congress that fully funds the president’s agenda to the point of having to borrow $10 trillion dollars from future generations be so reviled by the people while the president gets a free ride?

It is all due to the MSM driven narrative that Congressional Republicans have blocked President Obama’s agenda at every turn. The Republicans have only themselves to blame for providing the optics that the MSM needed by having consistently opposed the president’s actions, even if their opposition was only verbally, in a failed attempt to mollify their conservative base.

In the end, they have strengthened the hand of a failed president, taken the blame for America’s problems on themselves and have been rejected by their rank and file.

One is forced to wonder if the Republican Party has been working in unison with the Democrats and the MSM to achieve these ends.

Perhaps this is how they want it since so many of them are now saying they’ll support Hillary Clinton, who is running on a platform of an Obama third term, rather than Donald Trump who has them scared that he would actually deliver on their phony promises of controlling our borders, re-starting our economic engine, controlling out-of-control spending and reducing our debt, and winning and ending the wars we are in.