Twitter Explodes With Charlie Gard’s Mother’s Response to Trump’s Tweet

KIRSTERS BAISH| We’ve heard all of the liberal backlash against President Donald Trump since the beginning of his run for office, but this time he is leaving them with no ammunition to fire. After tweeting about his support for the family of a baby dying from a terminal illness in the England Trump has left us all in awe of his kindness. This proves that President Trump truly does care about humanity, especially the children of the world.

Charlie Gard’s family has been faced with the ultimate dilemma after losing multiple court cases, leaving them in a horrible situation. The hospital that is caring for little Charlie may pull the plug on the baby’s life support.

Trump’s tweet could be the saving grace for this family who has exhausted all other options. The United States is conducting an experimental treatment that could potentially save the baby’s life. The only problem is that the European government is refusing to let Charlie’s parents bring him to the U.S.

After seeing Trump’s tweet on Monday that explained that he would be “delighted” to aid the family in any way he possibly could the family has spoken. Chris and Connie Gard appreciated President Trump’s comments and replied that no matter what they would continue fighting in order to save their dying son. The Pope has also spoken up offering any assistance possible. This past Wednesday, a pediatric hospital in Rome which is run by the Vatican offered to take Charlie in.

“If he’s still fighting, we’re still fighting,” Cris and Connie Gard wrote in a Facebook post that had a hyperlink President Trump’s tweet.

In a report by the U.K. Daily Mail, Chris and Connie explained that they were “overwhelmed” by the support shown by President Trump. The statement said that “Chris and Connie are overwhelmed with emotion that President Trump and the Pope have spoken publicly of their support.”

In a report by Fox News, it was made known that the British Prime Minister Theresa May claimed that she never said Charlie couldn’t be moved to the United States for further treatment, however, she never said that she would help with the process either.

“I am confident that Great Ormond Street Hospital have and always will consider any offers or new information that has come forward with consideration of the well-being of a desperate ill child,” British Prime Minister Theresa May said while including that doctors often make “heartbreaking decisions” in cases like Charlie’s.

Although Trump’s kindness is truly remarkable, only so much can be done if the child’s parents aren’t granted permission to remove their son from Great Ormond Street Hospital. We all sincerely hope that Chris and Connie Gard are granted permission to bring their son to the U.S. where, hopefully, his life can be saved.