Defying The Mainstream Media in Search of the Truth

ELDER PATRIOT - Now that Donald Trump has defied all of the odds and is coasting downhill to the Republican presidential nomination the media is portraying themselves as having got it all so wrong.  That’s just a cover to protect their reputations moving forward. 

The media is owned by the same corporate entities that own the political system and they’re job was to prevent Trump from winning.  They did everything they could but, this time around, the people were having none of it.

They have portrayed Trump as being made of Teflon but the fact is there was nothing in his past that allowed the mainstream media’s attacks of bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia, or racism to stick.

Much credit has to be given to the alternative media that was quick to respond to spurious claims and editorials that attacked Trump.  While lacking the broad reach of the mainstream media, the alternative media is akin to lighting a candle in a dark cave that provides just enough light to see your surroundings.

This has not been lost on the major social media companies that unwittingly had become the platform used by the alternative media to broaden their reach. 

Facebook has taken steps to limit the reach of its users and to limit what appears on their users’ news feeds.  This, in turn, limits the advertising dollars that information providers can generate.  As the dollars dry up so does the ability of content providers to dedicate their days to research in their efforts to spread the truth.

It has been known for some time that Google organizes search responses so that liberal ideologies appear on page one of searches.  They do this because their research shows that 94% of users never search beyond that.  In this way they exert broad influence over the political views of the users of their service.


The alternative media has saved us from another Romney or McCain as our candidate.  Do not let Zuckerberg and his ilk take it away from us. 

If you find a story of interest please share it.   You can no longer assume that it will make it through the filter and onto the news feeds of others who need to see it.