Globalism: Threatening American Exceptionalism

ELDER PATRIOT - When the current nominating process began I outlined the three most important issues facing America and Americans, immigration, the economy, and terrorism.  I was only partially correct. There is only a single issue that threatens us, and it is the root of these and other issues, Globalism.


Like the current hubbub about who can or should have access to which restrooms, all of the other issues pale in comparison to the existential threat that Globalism presents to everyday Americans.  In fact, the issues I originally highlighted all stem from the rise of the international mindset.


I can assure you that the international financiers and corporate CEO’s couldn’t care less about which restrooms us plebians use or who pays for the next abortion.


They sure as heck don’t care about your jobs, your wages, or your family’s safety as evidenced by their embrace of policies that keep our borders open and the lop-sided trade agreements that only serve the bottom lines and stock prices of their corporate partners.


Likewise, the threat of terrorism keeps us believing that our government is actually protecting us even as they import hundreds of thousands of people, legally and illegally, without vetting them.  Their purpose is as transparent as a piece of glass.  As long as we are fighting each other we are incapable of rising up against them.


Does anyone doubt our ability to wipe out terrorism within a year?  We crushed the major military powers of the Nazis and the Japanese in four years.  Shame on the military industrial complex and shame on our government for extending the threat of terrorism only for profit and to nefariously expand surveillance over the good people of this country.


So, while our political leaders divide our attention and emotions over social issues, the banksters, for whom they work, are only focused on Globalization.  Their concern is profits within the narrowly defined international corporate community and it matters not who suffers the consequences of their greed.


Any doubts about the glide path towards a new world order should’ve been put to rest this week when President Obama went to Britain and threatened the English with back-of-the-line trade status should they vote to withdraw from the European Union.


In his speech to the Brits Obama confirmed his commitment to the diminishment of the nation state when he said, “And in today’s world, even as we all cherish our sovereignty, the nations who wield their influence most effectively are the nations that do it through the collective action that today’s challenges demand.”


When thinking of the countries that exert the most influence in their regions, Russia, China and now, thanks to Obama, Iran we see the opposite.  Even as Obama tells the British people that globalization is the future, Cruz, Kasich and Hillary deflect our attentions to unisex sanitary facilities.


When the debates began I warned that the participants should be examined with a large degree of skepticism because they were embarking on a year of perception management intended to wipe away Americans’ remembrance of the many times they put the people’s interests behind those of the world financial community in the past.


As I predicted at the outset of the debates, the candidates are attempting to divert our attentions over a myriad of issues while avoiding addressing the march towards singular global governance that continues apace with new and more encompassing trade deals.  Hidden in these deals are international tribunals that replace American sovereignty with the decisions of international lawyers.


The social justice warriors that seem to be protesting everywhere these days are, for the most part, either scatterbrained college students who are too ignorant of history to understand the greater issues that affect their futures or they are professional disrupters paid and funded by Globalists like George Soros, Paul Singer,and the Koch brothers.


Donald Trump has been the only candidate to openly call for putting an end America’s funding of international growth at the expense of working class Americans.  Only Trump has challenged every aspect of the globalist movement.  Only Trump has no history to contradict what how he promises to govern.  And, only Trump has largely ignored or dismissed the social justice warriors sent to turn Americans against him.  Trump has been consistent and undeterred in his positions from the beginning.


This disregard for political correctness will be an absolute necessity for anyone endeavoring to challenge the new world order and is something none of his challengers on either side of the aisle has shown us.  They have deliberately embraced the issue of transgendered restrooms as a diversion from the overriding issues that Trump alone brought to the debates.


No other candidate can claim they have not been partner to the globalist movement.  Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich have all supported President Obama’s trade deals and his lack of enforcement of our immigration laws in a number of ways.  They are complicit in bringing us to this point of unemployment, wage stagnation and debt.


No one can be certain that Donald Trump won’t disappoint us, but we can be absolutely certain that Clinton, Cruz and Kasich will.  Their history tells us as much.