Gold versus silver ratio the highest since 2008 at 80 to 1

In a sense you could almost put gold and silver in this respect… buy gold for wealth protection and buy silver for investment speculation.  This is because the gold and silver ratio has hit their near all-time high of 80-1, which was last seen near this level seven years ago at the height of the Credit Crisis.

And in that period of time, the banksters have manipulated silver much more than gold to mask their inflationary schemes of quantitative easing, and protect the dollar when these monetary metals would have revealed the currency for what it now really is… near worthless.

The big news is that the gold-silver ratio closed at 80. This is not only a new high for the move. It’s higher than it has been since 2008.

It’s also exactly what Monetary Metals has been calling for. Last week, we said the gold fundamental was $1,450 and the silver fundamental was $14.90 (i.e. a fundamental value for the ratio over 97 last week). This week, the ratio moved up, and it’s now 1.3 points closer. In other words, silver got cheaper when measured in gold terms.

Our larger point is that when there is a loss of faith, there will be a great paradigm shift. No longer will people think of gold going up, but of the dollar going down (and finally, collapsing). That is not occurring today. The dollar still enjoys the full faith of everyone. - Monetary Metals via Zerohedge

gold to silver ratio

It is that last statement that people, especially those who deal in, purchase, or are seeking information on gold, must place as their primary reason when acquiring the precious and monetary metals.  They are both the ultimate store of wealth, and also the ultimate checks and balances for paper currencies, as seen when you look at its value around the world in nations and currencies that do not participate in the manipulation.

Gold and silver manipulation began almost in tandem to when the Federal Reserve started their bond buying and money printing programs, and is eerily similar to how there is suddenly a rise in scope for the banning of cash when central banks are to begin a new implementation of negative interest rates.  In essence, the game is rigged, and the only question to ask is how long can they keep up the manipulation, because when it finally overwhelms them, then gold and silver will be the only true form of money recognized in confidence by both people’s and by governments.

Kenneth Schortgen Jr is a writer for,, and To the Death Media, and hosts the popular web blog, The Daily Economist. Ken can also be heard Wednesday afternoons giving an weekly economic report on the Angel Clark radio show.