Phony Elites Claim They’re Warming to Donald Trump. Bullshit to That.

ELDER PATRIOT - The mainstream media is reporting that the GOP elites are warming to Donald Trump. That they now see the writing on the wall and that they also detect a new tone in Trump making them more accepting of his looming nomination. Don’t believe it.

The truth is they simply recognize the inevitability of Trump’s nomination and are trying to cut the best deal they can for themselves because there will be no golden parachutes for failed politicians under a Trump presidency. Trump threatens the oligarchy in its entirety and that means greatly diminished opportunities for deposed politicians as lobbyists and influence peddling corporate executives.

New Hampshire RNC member Steve Duprey opened the outreach to Trump by extending this compliment: “There are a fair number of RNC members who were discounting his chances of success when we met in January and now see that he’s building a substantial lead and may in fact get to 1,237 before we get to the convention. The New York results were such an overwhelming win. It’s impressive. That’s what I’ve heard people talking about.”

Trump is too smart and too wary of a party elite that has been long aligned against him to believe that is the prevailing attitude.

To explain their move towards Trump so that it doesn’t appear to be the groveling act that it really is, the RNC elites praise the hiring of Rick Wiley to be Trump’s campaign manager as an olive branch being extended by Trump.

South Carolina GOP Chairman Matt Moore spun Wiley’s hiring this way, “It’s a positive signal despite a lack of general outreach over the past year, and I think the Trump campaign, for all the bluster, recognizes that the RNC will be an integral partner if he is the nominee and it’ll be almost impossible to win the presidency without the RNC as a partner.”

Seriously Matt, what’s the RNC going to do, withhold support for the most popular candidate they’ve had in many decades and permanently seal their decline as a major political party?

Rubio delegate Bob Kapel praised Trump for turning down the rhetoric, suggesting if that continues he’d be able to support Trump at the convention. That comes with another contingency of course, Rubio as V.P. Ask John Kennedy how letting the elites that detest you choose your running mate worked out for him. Trump is a student of history. There will be no Rubio vice presidency.

Then there’s their desire to see Trump make amends with party chairman Reince Priebus. This is entirely backwards. Priebus has spent eight months readying the knife to put in Trump’s back. When Trump wins the nomination Priebus will serve at Trump’s leisure. If anyone needs to make amends with someone, it’s Priebus who hasn’t received a single vote from anyone and who’s job hangs in the balance right now.

Trump is too seasoned in corporate takeovers to be duped by these types. Even as they claim to be warming to him, the party is still considering ways to “parachute” a “White Knight” into a contested convention to save them selves from Trump.

Americans already have their White Knight in Donald Trump who is conducting a hostile takeover of the entire oligarchy.