Feds Arrest 35 Muslim Store Owners After Making HORRIFYING DISCOVERY In Their Stores

KIRSTERS BAISH| Thirty-Five Muslim store owners in the St. Louis area were convicted in Federal Court after a sickening conspiracy was uncovered in their stores. The mainstream liberal media denied that the parties involved had a Muslim connection, but when the list of names was finally released the evidence was damning.

Almost every single name on the list was that of a Muslim coming from a Middle Eastern background. Nearly every single person on the list was either an immigrant or a refugee. This raises the question… where did these people get the money to open their own business? A huge percentage of hard-working Americans can barely put food on the table, let alone scrape the money together to open up their own business.

The problem is that now we are all left wondering where the money came from to open these businesses. As it turns out, when Obama was in office he put clear policies in place that would inforce that the federal government give these refugees and immigrants tens of thousands of dollars. Upon giving the money to these Muslims the federal government would completely ignore what happened next. This leaves us all sitting here wondering why hard-working American citizens can’t get loans like this to start small businesses and boost our local economies. Why is it that people who just pop up in our country are given better opportunities on our tax dollars? There is no good answer.

100 Percent Fed Up made the comment:

Think about it…A family (see list below) our government imported gets together with others and buys a store with American taxpayer money….Why can’t our government give loans like this to Americans? They don’t even track the money…they’re just giving out our money without any record of how it’s used. Unreal!

So now you’re left wondering what these Muslims did in order to be ultimately arrested. The untracked money, in these cases, was used to buy and sell contraband cigarettes and drugs. What a surprise that the Feds decided to hand out money that originally belonged to hard-working Americans to people who came into our country illegally went towards wait for it… MORE ILLEGAL THINGS! Somehow, I’m not shocked.

The slew of convenience stores were all also all a part of a money laundering scheme. There is no problem with people immigrating to our country legally and paying taxes like the rest of us. After all, America was built on people from different places and different walks of life. The issue that we are seeing in our modern-day America is that the influx of immigrants has left us with far too many undocumented people who, in many cases, don’t care to play by the rules. The American dream wasn’t built on scamming and lying your way to the top. It was built on hard work and motivation to do better. It’s time to restore America back to the country it was meant to be, a country where hard work and playing by the rules will provide a better life for all.