ELDER PATRIOT - Charlie Gard lies near death in an English hospital.  He is a baby unable to speak yet the message we are receiving is being heard loudly and clearly:

National healthcare must, by its very design, maintain jack-booted control over the people who depend on it.

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service is a single payer system similar in every regard to the system the Democrats designed and passed that has become known as Obamacare.

Baby Charlie suffers from Mitochondrial Depletion Syndrome.  In the U.K. this is a death sentence because the state has been forced to ration treatment based on costs and predicted outcomes. 

There are experimental treatments available in the United States and a Go Fund Me plea has raised 1.3 million British pounds to pay to transport and treat Charlie in the United States.  The U.K.’s NHS has refused to allow Charlie to leave their hospital.

That’s right.  Even the parents’ appeal to let Charlie die at home has been denied!  The European Court of Human Rights ruled against all of his parents’ pleas, as well.

When Donald Trump heard of this miscarriage of basic human caring he offered to help:

So what gives?  Why isn’t little Charlie on his way here for potentially life-saving treatment as you read this?

Because the U.K.’s NHS would have to admit it is largely a failure – just like every other government funded program that promised so much when it was implemented but was later confronted with this basic economic truth:

Contention for limited resources demands rationing.

Sometimes that rationing will be based on “practicalities” that needn’t have existed had the government not become involved in the first place.  Other times that rationing will be based on more nefarious reasons, as in the case of political dissidents.

That also explains why the fake news networks are avoiding this story like the plague.  This is an example of the “Death Panels” that Sarah Palin warned us nationalized health care would devolve into.  This brings Palin’s claim into focus that anyone can understand.

The U.K. has defunded research into life-saving treatments to divert funding to basic essential services.  As the financial pressure to provide even basic services builds the cutbacks to them will necessarily be even greater.

Life-saving research is still going on in the United States, but for how long?  Perhaps Charlie Gard can’t be saved but brave volunteers that submit to experimental treatments have always laid the foundation for future cures.  In the U.K. that opportunity no longer exists.

We haven’t reached the crisis that comes from a single-payer system quite yet and still we’re already experiencing skyrocketing costs that can only lead to rationing of services or to the financial collapse of government fueled by those desperate for care regardless of the costs and who is made to pay for it.

If you’re curious as to why baby Charlie won’t be allowed to die at home you shouldn’t be.  The U.K.’s NHS simply can’t risk Charlie turning up in a U.S. hospital bed with a smile on his face.  That is why the U.K.’s NHS has taken control and is overseeing his death.

Here’s a question everyone should be asking:

If healthcare is a right what crime did baby Charlie commit that forced the state to strip him of that right?

Congressional Conservatives who are demanding repeal of the ACA (Obamacare) have been viciously maligned by the fake news network but it’s becoming more obvious with every passing day that they are right.