WHOA!!! Trump Ties Hillary in National Poll

ELDER PATRIOT - Donald Trump’s ascendancy continues exposing the methodologies and lies that the establishment uses to control us.


Now a new poll released yesterday by George Washington University shows Donald Trump in a statistical tie with Hillary Clinton for an election that is still more than six months away.


A cornerstone of the argument that the Republican half of the Oligarchy used as their argument against Trump was that they opposed him because he couldn’t beat Clinton in the general election.  That argument has failed, just as their reliance on a rigged system that was geared to deliver their nomination to Jeb Bush then to Marco Rubio and now to Ted Cruz or John Kasich or Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan is failing.


The recent poll shows Trump tied with the Oligarchy’s Democrat candidate Clinton, with 11% undecided.  When the FBI finishes their investigation into Clinton’s influence peddling while Secretary of State and their referral to the Department of Justice starts taking over the cable news networks it will be highly unlikely that she will be able to convince a majority of those undecideds to vote for her.


But even more daunting for her will be protecting the Democrats’ once-reliable stronghold over the union vote.  Union workers have been decimated by trade and immigration policies championed by the Oligarchy and advanced by the Clinton Democrats.  Clinton has long been on the wrong side of both issues when it comes to addressing the needs of hardworking Americans.  Clinton has clearly demonstrated that she believes what’s good for corporate America and Goldman Sachs is good for America. Trump offers a distinctly different vision; one based around the notion that what’s good for Americans is good for America.


So as Republican elites claim they’ll be forced to vote for Hillary Clinton if Trump is her opponent, that would be nothing more than a cleansing of the party that has been long overdue as the party has lost its moral moorings.  Let those elites coalesce around the Democrats whose policies advancing globalization they more closely align with.


Trump will more than offset the small number of defectors by attracting millions of new voters from the ranks of Independents, as well as Democrats, to the Republican tent who share their belief in personal responsibility, have a willingness to work hard in order to provide for their families, and want to restore American Exceptionalism for their children.